What you need to know – Venice,Italy

January 21, 2016

Planning a trip to Venice , Italy?  Here are a few tips I wish I knew while planing my trip!  Safe Travels!

#1. The airport is on the mainland and NOT on Venice island. There are several ways to get to the Venetian islands, I have listed a few down below.

  • Water Taxi – Approx.  €50  (Best option if you have a lot of luggage)
  • Private Water taxi  -  Airport to hotel in Venice center averages at €100.
  • Public Water Bus/Ferry ( Vaporetto )    Approx. €7 Euro Prices for the day passes are:  1 day: €20  2 days: €30  3 days: €40  7 days : €60


#2. Hotels in Venice are always expensive as there is no “off-season”, staying on the mainland and catching a water bus to Venice islands is also an option. Be sure to ask your hotel for the closest water bus station,  pricing and schedule to ensure it makes sense.


#3. Travel light-  Unless you plan on spending about €100 each way to and from the Venice islands for front door service to your hotel it is much much wiser to travel lightly. Imagine having to drag heavy suitcases up and down stairs (which are every where), through the crowded streets and in and out of the public ferries to get to your hotel. It is NOT fun at all!


#4. Venice is NOT the city to be ill prepared for in regards to comfortable clothing and shoes. Be sure to research the weather forecast and pack accordingly for your trip. Keep in mind Venice requires  A LOT of walking, comfortable shoes are a must to make your visit enjoyable.


#5. You WILL get lost, it is inevitable. After about an hour all of the canals will start to look the exact same LOL!  Your map will confuse you and your phone’s GPS will confuse you.  Make a star on your map so that when you are ready to head to your hotel it is easier to ask for directions.
We got lost for 3 hours trying to find our hotel!


#6. Gondola rides – What is a trip to Venice without experiencing a one of a kind gondola ride through the beautiful Venetian canals? The only down side is that they can be quite expensive. €80 for a 40 minute ride and €100 after 7 p.m.  If you want to ride to the Grand Canal sometimes they charge even more, make sure what you want is included in the price when negotiating.  Another option is to do a group gondola ride which is much more affordable and just as pleasant!


#7. Public restrooms are not FREE! There is a charge of about €1.50. Be sure to have change on hand as there are usually no attendants present and you CANNOT get in until you pay the fee.


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