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Manuel Antonio National Park Tips

September 24, 2014

It is not free to enter the park. There is a $16.00 fee per person

There are NO shops once you enter the park which means you should ensure you have ample food and water to last during your time there, especially if you are spending the day.

Be prepared to hike 20-30 minutes on an incline before getting anywhere near the beaches.

There are guides offering you tours of the wildlife while hiking in, we did not pay for a guide but once in a while we would stop and listen and see what the groups were watching as they are every where.

Keep your eyes open, animals are literally everywhere! We even got to see a family of deers on the hike up!

The beaches are amazing and relaxing. If you want a more quit and peace you should continue your hike to the other beaches in the park. Most people usually stop at the first one.

BEWARE of the wildlife. Monkeys and Racoons are rampant! They WILL steal your food, purse, shoes, whatever they can get their hands on. PLEASE wrap your items in a blanket when going swimming if you can i would suggest NOT leave your items unattended at all.

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS. We saw a couple feeding monkeys and the more they fed the more monkeys that came. When they tried to stop the monkeys were almost getting angry and trying to take their bags. Their intrusiveness was actually a tad bit scary for me.

Try not to spread your blanket or have your belongings to close to any trees or bushes. When we wet to a different beach because of all the monkeys and the raccoons were literally sneaking up on us non stop. One of them even grabbed a bag we had with some leftover lunch and took off. The crazy part is we were right there, they are NOT afraid of humans.

Not all the beaches are always open make sure to get ample information so you don’t hike somewhere only to find out it is closed. there were only 3 open we when we went.

Try to get there early, sometimes they limit how many visitors can enter the park.